Mental Health

Is it them, is it me, is it both of us. Negative people

I may only be 26years old but in my life, I have already learned that negative people are all around us, be it at school, work or within a friendship group. When it comes to a negative person you need to stop letting someone who does nothing for you, control your mind, feelings, and emotions.

Spotting a negative person

Negative people love to drag other people down in many ways, for example, discouraging people with dreams and vision, they do this so they spend more time looking for your faults than dealing with their own. You will also find a negative person may think they know everything, be very distrusting and bossy.

Many negative people actually suffer from anxiety, lack of confidence, worry and being oversensitive, because of this they find it upsetting to see other people winning at life whether it be at work, financially or in a relationship. From personal experience, I hate the phrase “banter” negative people use “banter” as a way to justify their negative comments, a lot of negative people are actually unaware of their negativity and the influence it has on other people and their feelings.

I’m not trying to say that all positive people don’t occasionally have negative thoughts, they do but they just don’t let those thoughts control them. There are always going to be negative people in our lives who will never notice the good or kind things we do but at the end of the day if you can stay positive and happy with yourself it shouldn’t matter.

Dealing with a negative person

Dealing with a negative person can be really hard and trying to understand them even harder. When it comes to a negative person you can try killing them with kindness, giving extras smiles and positive comments but it depends on how deep the person is in their own negativity and may end up draining all your energy.

Another way is to ignore their negative comments completely and don’t take it personally, a lot of negative people thrive off the reactions of others. If all else fails I would say reduce contact with the negative person free yourself from the discouragement, blame and drama and spend time with like-minded people who reflect the person you want to be.

Chose people who lift you up and make you smile, sometimes life is too short to spend trying to fix other people or spend time with people who generally suck the happiness out of you. Once you remove yourself from a negative person’s life you are then free to be yourself and being yourself is the best way to live.

Personal experience

I suffer from depression and chronic anxiety and have done for many years. I am currently on anti-depressants but anyone who has ever suffered from these symptoms knows it can be hard to think positive at times even when on medication.

The way I deal with my negative thoughts is to try and focus on the good and always look for ways to better myself. Advice for anyone who thinks they may have a negative attitude only you can help yourself, try finding the reasons for your negativity and make positive life changes and remember to smile and have fun.