Giving Up Smoking & Tracking Results with my FitBit

I started smoking when I was 13 years old (awful I know!) and I have never been a light or social smoker, it’s all or nothing with me! On average I would say I was smoking 20+ roll-up cigarettes a day, having my first cigarette as early as 6.30am. I did, however, give up for over a year in 2012 due to being pregnant with my son!

I was so proud when I gave up straight away and never thought I would start smoking again, but at this time everyone else around me was still smoking and I found the temptation too great after I had had my son and started smoking again. I have recently given up again and this time it’s for good, as ever since I started smoking again after having had given up I regretted it!

This time I decided to use the help of a vape, the one I chose was the Wismec Reuleaux RX75. I purchased this vape from Amazon and would say it’s reasonably priced. I actually found using this vape made it very easy to quit. The only problem I had was finding the right juice for it. All I would say to anyone using a vape for the first time is try as many juices you can, different flavours and brands!


To start off with I found all the juices I was using were burning my throat, I later discovered that the higher the nicotine content the harsher it is on your throat, so I now use juices with a 3mg content. Since using my vape everyone seemed to love telling me horror stories about them being worse for you than smoking and blowing up in people’s faces. After doing some research I found an article on Cancer Research Uk stating “E-cigarettes safer than smoking says long-term study

I have also discovered yes some people’s vapes have blown up but I am to believe the only vapes to do this are ones that have been modified in some way by the user and vapes are safe to use as long as the user manual is followed. I do like using my vape at the moment but eventually, I want to not use anything at all and put all my focus into improving my health.

How I Use My FitBit to Track Health Improvements After Giving Up Smoking

I am also a Fitbit user I currently am wearing the Fitbit charge 2 and since giving up smoking over a month ago I have noticed a few changes with my Fitbit results. The first results I noticed had changed was my resting bpm (resting heart beats per minute) I was averaging 71bpm and after only 2 weeks of giving up, it lowered to an average of 56bpm.


Also with the Fitbit charge 2, it gives you a cardio fitness level and score. Before giving up smoking my score was 40.8 that put me at an average cardio fitness level for my age, however since giving up smoking my score is now 42-46 which puts me in a good to very good cardio fitness level.

Even if I didn’t have the Fitbit results telling me I’m getting healthier I can 100% feel it. My breathing is better, my smell is better and I’m sure my taste buds are changing i.e. regaining full functioning taste buds. I am so happy I made the decision to give up for good and wish anyone trying to give up smoking the best of luck.